The Legal Coop is a Public Interest Law Practice – In the making – presently gathering resources and talent for its launch.

A law firm that will specifically aid people suffering from legal challenges, harassment, bullying, stalking, mobbing, and persecution. It will provide education, fact-finding, legal services, and impact/test litigation. How timely is that ? Here is our Pre-Launch video:

Learn why we are considering launching The Legal Coop – Share this VIdeo!

You can read about Ray Schumann, the Attorney who is founding this Practice, right here.

Care about this cause and want something done? Three ways to do that right now: The PayPal.Me link, The Gofundme Campaign, and the Amazon Wish list.

A.) The PayPal.Me Link:

Got talent, know-how, or resources ? Want to aid those who are suffering ? Want to further justice and a noble cause ? Now is the time. Support this effort right now by giving even a small amount on the PayPal button on this page. Any gift nets you the personal email of the writer, and the start of a dialogue.

At $99 and above, You will receive a personal thank you call from the Writer, and his personal phone number – the start of a relationship. There are several ways to access PayPal to encourage the formation of The Legal Coop – to show support from the get-go. Use whatever works for you, it’s the Holiday season and even one Dollar shows support!

Ray Schumann, Esq will use up to $2,000 for the time and office expenses in starting The Legal Coop. Any amount above that will be donated to The Legal Coop upon launch!

1.) Here is the Paypal.Me Button :


2.) Here is the Paypal.Me Link in text form

3.) Here is an embedded link: Link to the same Paypal.Me : Donate any amount to get on my personal Email List!

B.) The GoFundMe Campaign

This is no regular campaign. Our campaign is filled with informational and even primary material links. Click on the underlined topics within the campaign to get declassified documents and relevant reporting, outlining the statistical and documentary evidence proving the crisis is real.

We’re providing that level of detail to share proof and expertise with our supporters: that is what a legal coop is all about. Beat the memory hole! Give us some shares right now, and donate any amount – just to show you support us.

It will take a little courage, but it’s probably better than being a hidden, silent punching bag. Put it this way, it won’t help for just the bad guys to know about you! Take a stand, help us form a community of people that can fight and win.

If we see sufficient support for this firm to launch, it will be there for you.

Regular text for the link:

C.) The Amazon Wish List:

Would you rather give an item instead of cash ? Check out the Amazon wish list!

What do we need ? If you are going to be a client, we need your promise to stand as a citizen. We can work on the rest together. If you care about justice, we need your pledge to aid a noble cause, at a desperate time. Right now, you can give anything from printer paper, to USB cables to this cause!  See how your small contribution can make a difference here.

1.) Embedded link for Amazon Wish List:


3. A page on this blog with more detail on the Amazon wish list for The Legal Coop .

Take a stand for justice – Let’s make this happen.