Wish List for the Coop

I have met some amazing people in the last few weeks, confirming the pressing need for basic advocacy and legal protection: basic rights protection, benefits petitions, advocacy in difficult situations, representation on civil matters in general.

What we need to open the door to justice, and give some desperately needed help to quite a few of our neighbors.  This list will enable the Mobile Office we need, so we can go to our clients, wherever they are:

UPDATED 12/7/19: Items needed for the mobile office, fulfilled!!  

UPDATED 12/15/19: $48 needed to remove ads from the site, fulfilled!!

// Start of Update //

We now have mobility, and been serving people in need. 

We received $48 to remove the ads from this site. 

We have received donated Business Cards.

We received short term donations for a small office space!  As of 6/2020 that will last until 8/2020

We can never forget those people that help us right now, to get up and going.

We will be adding items as they are needed – people prefer this way of giving because it empowers their choice and they know what it is being used for.

In the meantime we are in need of cash to fund longer term office space and for the expenses of doing this work, meaning simple furniture, business cards, and phones.

We have a small amount from PayPal which is a great start – and there is a perk to giving that way: people that give $99 or more in PayPal are not only contributing to worthwhile work, but they are going to get up to a three hour dialogue with me – free.  We will put forward a funding campaign for these things in the next few days, to bridge us into operation. Stay tuned!

// End of Update //


Amazon & Wish List 

Every night of this pending holiday season there will be hundreds of our fellow men and women struggling to survive on the streets near you.  We are ready to help them, and we hope you can help.  Thank You.



1. ) We need a printer with a feeder, and some toner.  Our current printer is compact and allows mobility, but scanning documents is done one page at a time.  What luxuries!

2.) We need pepper spray for our volunteers!  They have noticed aggression when attempting to help clients just like Civil Rights Workers faced in years past.  We are honored that our work is considered so important so as to merit such opposition!

3.) Driving glasses – can’t say enough about the plethora of bright headlights while driving at nighttime and how these glasses help get to people with less damage.  


1.) Funds or a barter deal for a small office space are needed.  This amount is in the $1,500 range for maybe 3 months.

Why: Fullfilled!  We can do without this for now because we can actually service people in the open, in coffee shops, park  benches, literally wherever we can.  It beats the legal services they are getting right now, which is nothing.

2.) We are in dire need of the very basics for powering and transporting a mobile writing and printing platform, allowing us to travel to where our clients are.

Why: Fulfilled, Thanks!  We can now edit the Forms our clients need: to investigate their options, buy time on their court matters, or obtain and maintain their basic benefits.  These simple tools can keep some people from spiraling into an abyss of difficulty and confusion, costing them more money they don’t have.

3.) Another thing that is needed right now is $48 to remove the WordPress ads from this site.

Why: Fulfilled, Thanks!  Those Ads will, for a year hence, no longer tax and delay load times for those underpowered mobile devices used by our less privileged citizens, making the site harder to use.




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