Pre Launch Video is UP!

Ray Schumann, Esq. discussing the need and motivation for The Legal Coop:

A Public Interest Law Firm for victims of Stalking, Harassment, and Unrepresented Litigants in court.

Does this cause really need legal support ? Do you want this to happen ?

This is the time to share this video and support this cause. Don’t stand and hope, contribute now by clicking on the PayPal.Me or Amazon Wish List below to show that this organization is needed!

Click the Image above or copy and paste this link :

Click the Image above or copy and paste this link :

Let’s make it happen!

9 thoughts on “Pre Launch Video is UP!

  1. My name is Michael Barden. I am an Air Force veteran, and I have been stalked and harassed for years. I have been documenting it for almost 3 years. I need help. My website is BARREDIN.US. my twitter is @michaelbarden8 Please contact me. Thank you.


  2. Can you please post on twitter your name, contact info, etc. We targeted individuals, non investigative people need representation and somebody that can get to the facts.


  3. Hi my name is Cheri Doremus I am a targeted individual out of Reno Nevada. I was hoping I could connect with you I know a lot about my targeting and who is involved. I was targeted by a cps worker named Kayla Elias in Idaho . she had the neighbors I had at the time come in and take my daughter and staged it as she escaped she used this set up as a way to get in the door to ruin my life. I had known her previously when my ex was dealing with her. I am hoping you could help my phone number is (775)591-8014 thank you and hopefully I will be hearing from you

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