Assange and Gadgets: Harassed Through Walls ?

The United Nations recently called for contributions concerning psychological torture.

The interest may be fueled by the rapidly deteriorating situation for Julian Assange, the Wikileaks Publisher ‘sheltered’ in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy for the last few years.

The Legal Coop is dedicated to educating people about the methods used in harassment campaigns. The Assange situation is relevant for those who seek to understand their vulnerability – even while inside their own home.

In Mr. Assange’s case, his choice of embassy shelter came by an obvious manhunt then underway.

Embassy walls secure nominally foreign territory – any attack thereon being an act of war – thus Embassies seem very secure.

Yet it’s possible neither Assange nor his supporters fully considered current technology which renders those walls ineffective.

The recent attacks on U.S. Personnel in China and Cuba are our biggest clues: truncheons and bullets are just some of our concerns, and that plain walls offer no real protection.

Here are links to their stories of traumatic brain injuries suffered by multiple personnel, at different sites:

The Sonic weapons suspected in the above attacks are best analogized to shattering a wine glass with a high pitched note – this would travel through walls, with a sometimes apparent ‘noise’ in its wake. Our bodies are equally vulnerable.

Another possible culprit are Microwave devices, which are also suspected in some ranged attacks:

‘It’s sort of naïve to think this just started now… covert strikes with the potent beams appear to have been going on for decades:’

Cloak and dagger skirmishes have long featured microwave weapons, with the documented effects including devastating effects. (PDF: More information on the bioeffects of microwaves can be downloaded through the following academic link, basically a research article, outlining altered physical, and emotional states, some of which are relatively exotic.)

Misnomered as non-lethal weapons, such sonic or microwave devices are only illustrative of the range of devices which utilize injurious energy extremes.

Anyone who has left a meal in a microwave for too long can attest to the damage possible from these invisible waves. Waves produced by lowly consumer microwave ovens easily travel through ceramic plates, glass, paper and plastic to heat food, so normal walls are unlikely to offer protection.

In Assange’s case however, the true vileness of those weapons is their subtlety. If the victims cannot perceive the source of their discomfort or pain, devastating psychological routines become possible. Law enforcement, friends, and even medical personnel are likely bewildered.

The victims’ complaints appear groundless, which worsens the effect. Under these circumstances the KUBARK manual’s goal of regression becomes much more attainable, the covert psychological destruction of a human being, that much easier.

Such was the situation facing Assange when he entered the Embassy – perhaps hoping for the best. But the world’s continuing naiveté concerning injurious energy displacements creates a situation where, as Moscow, Cuba, and Guangzhou have proven, people are no longer safe even indoors.

UN Rapporteur Nils Melzer has written on the demonstrable, internal stress based torture faced by Assange in the Embassy: (See Mr. Melzer’s proposed editorial, which some newspapers have simply lacked the courage to print.)

I happen to agree with the Rapporteur. But, observing Assange’s initial constitution and his devastated condition upon arrest, let me proffer the possibility of something more. Not just internal stress as the cause but the possibility of a modern version of the Psychological Routine conducted upon Manuel Noriega’s diplomatic shelter at the Vatican’s Holy See enclave.

Noriega’s shelter was attacked with a devastating 10 day noise campaign – a combination of helicopters landing next to the enclave, massive armoured vehicles revving on the enclave fence, and the blasting of ‘music’ at deafening levels – ten days of which led to the surrender of what people described as a broken man – Noriega found no shelter behind walls.

In our time, it appears we may similarly have Assange being denied ‘shelter’ through a Psychological Routine – the consequence of which again appears as a broken man. See for yourself:

The damage is clear, obvious even – but what are the possible culprits ?

With London’s Embassy row being inauspicious for the audible type of noise campaign, we can consider the potential use of in-vogue ‘non-lethal’ weapons instead.

One clue is that such a Psychological Routine relies on very close observation of the victim, to ascertain location and reactions. Unfortunately, in Assange’s case, Ecuador’s own security firm was discovered to have provided such surveillance.

Other clues might manifest in the victim’s condition, with disturbance of normal body functions such as digestion and elimination; and seemingly small injuries or annoyances (which were all observed). These are then timed to coincide with starting or ending physical or mental activities, inflicting the belief or association that the victim is causing their own pain by persisting in their activity – AKA regression.

So with the above in mind, one could easily see a routine as follows: a tool employed to repeatedly attack the soft tissue in a person’s foot, with video surveillance providing the information needed to precisely coordinate and time the attacks for maximum destruction. Another example would focus on a person’s digestion or elimination, with a similar devastating effect.

Though some physical signs are seen, most of the consequences are psychological. Most modern tools fail to chart the body’s biolectromagnetic status, which is one way to detect the effects of some of these weapons. As a result, all that gets perceived is a host of (induced) psychological conditions, their existence conveniently reducing the person’s credibility to the uninformed eye.

What we’ve learned from reviewing MKULTRA grant applications is that such reduction in credibility is part of the very underlying plan for those psychological routines in the first place.

Given the gadgetry, Assange’s case may just be the latest example: another person, broken by no-touch harassment, right before our very eyes.

It took nearly a thousand years until detection mechanisms were invented for mere gunfire – finally addressing obvious safety concerns over gunfire in urban settings.

As the above should illustrate, we don’t have that much time, and we must do better: Failing to detect injurious energy displacements keep us all at risk, even while thinking ourselves safe inside a secured building.

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