New Live PODCAST Available

Ray Schumann appeared on a PODCAST for Ella Free. The podcast was posted by Ella F. on February 23, 2020.

Lively session included reviewing an instance where we used a Civil Rights Observer to monitor a person under alleged harassment. There we documented that she is telling the truth: we caught these guys on video, with fairly obvious following, blocking, aggressing and harassment of a good person whose simply trying to shop – at a store she never uses – by people she’s never met, and who therefore have no pretext to engage in that conduct. A restraining order could issue in those circumstances and cause them a tangible financial loss.

A situation in Pittsburgh was discussed, where a person faced a phony “wellness” inquiry by a county employee repeatedly knocking on her door and leaving messages where no words are spoken, but only the employees breathing can be heard. This was addressed with an urgent Letter of Concern addressed to the agency directly, regarding her civil rights directly from attorney Ray Schumann.

We also discuss a lawsuit currently in the making by an Arizona lawyer who is getting ready to file a lawsuit to address harassment. As an attorney suing regarding harassment, her action may encourage hundreds of people.

Evidence collection techniques and some potential technologies for detecting electronic harassment are being explored, questions were fielded live.

A recording of the PODCAST can be played below.

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