The Christmas Griefer’s False Charges: Dismissed

This is an update in progress:

I am happy to report on one Perp’s ‘fake case,’ where good law enforcement was reportedly deceived into harassing an innocent person: All charges have been Dismissed.

The case was built on lies or exaggerated accusations. For one thing, the charge was ‘violating a domestic violence Order.’

Well that is interesting, because the victim and perp are just neighbors, and have never been in any type of relationship. Moreso, there was never any type of violence of any kind. So how does someone turn a neighbor dispute into a violation of a Domestic Violence Restraining Order ?

Well, that took some doing.

Their legal harassment was answered by The Legal Co-Op, who worked with the would-be victim to gather and present evidence, with the following result:

All charges levied in this case : Dismissed!

I can’t tell you the feeling of walking out with that vindicated and smiling person, proudly, into the Sun.

Please support our ongoing and growing work with victims of harassment, stalking and mobbing, by making even a small donation and positive comment right at this link:


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