The Case of the Christmas Griefer: What it’s Like, on the Receiving End

This is an update in progress:

A good person set upon, harassed, and frightened, even told she could not be in her own home, during Christmas. All for watering the lawn.

It takes some manipulation to achieve this and that is what apparently happened in this case. While machinery of law enforcement and even courts can be manipulated, such situations can be overcome.

So we took on this case to make a statement that law abiding people have nothing to fear. First we worked to reverse the illegal 100 Yard Stay Away Order, then, we pressed on until all charges were dismissed.

The important thing is that our would-be victim was brought right into the effort, in frequent contact with The Legal Co-Op, well supported and well informed. A pall of fear and panic vanishing to confidence in our legal system, and clarity in her rights. This enabled her to place her efforts where they count the most.

Allegations include the dumping of noxious substances into the backyard, the start of a rumor campaign questioning her state of mind, and the shouting at the victim from the middle of the street, viciously boasting of his ability to make her “suffer.”

Strangers soon began to reliably congregate in front of her house, flashing gang signs, and aggressing her at her house.

The perp is a big man, at nearly 300lbs, but in court he claimed he was intimidated or harassed by a petite, 120lb woman. He invoked the protection of the court, alleging he just wanted her to stay away from him.

Yet here he is, the perpetrator, who is alleging he wants to her to stay away from him, captured on video, glaring through and standing within an inch of her kitchen window. This scene was not the only time he was caught on camera, intimidating and harassing the would-be victim:



All the while the court system seem stacked against our client who faced false charges and was headed for a trial on false charges and resulting civil liability.

The Legal Coop has been working for months on this case, and we are happy to report some results: Aptly in this case, and just as the Spring truly beckoned the new, an innocent person smiled upon freedom from false charges, while the perpetrator found himself on the receiving end of the very thing he doled out.

It is said that one reaps what one sows. What did the Perp sow, in this case ?

A Civil Harasment Temporary Restraining Order has been Granted against the perpetrator in this case, and this time, the charges are supported.

He is now restrained. Police are now required to abide calls regarding violations. There is hope yet, that peace will prevail in the neighborhood.

Congratulations are in order to our client and to the Court and County staff who came to see the truth of the situation.

Thank you for donations, they have helped us fuel a fight against these injustices, informed the public, educated would-be victims, and build something we can all be proud of. We will draw more legal talent and supporting personnel by driving resources to this enterprise. We appreciate even a small donation and positive comment from you, here:

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