Action: UN Requesting Input on Causes and Potential Solutions to Harassment & Ill Treatment

The United Nations has jurisdiction over ill-treatment and harassment by government actors. By right of treaty, said jurisdiction extends within the United States.

Though such jurisdiction has been used to curtail abuses in conflict zones abroad, the UN has recently turned towards addressing what it calls ‘Cyber Torture.’

Cyber Torture is an insidious practice featuring misused medical implantsneurotechnological devices, weaponized psychology, information technology, and mobbing to create dramatic abuse and mistreatment of innocent people. Not surprisingly, the abuse is sometimes streamed live to voyeuristic clients for their ‘entertainment.’ Such practices are not limited to conflict zones, and the more exposure on this practice, the better.

The Legal Coop is working with individuals who are currently targets of such networks, and we will continue to endeavor to protect their rights.

There is now a call for feedback from the UN on the causes and potential solutions to ill-treatment, harassment, and torture. This is an opportunity to inform one of the few international bodies dealing with an issue that affects many.

There is a very short deadline to perform this action, three days from now: June 21, 2020 is the deadline for submissions. Accordingly, we will accept two paragraphs from each person interested in presenting feedback, and we will edit, anonymize and send an overall response by the deadline.

Simply email us with one paragraph on what you perceive as the causes for harassment and ill treatment by government actors, and one pragraph on what you perceive as potential solutions. Please send your contribution to thelegalcoop at protonmail dot com by 5PM U.S. PST, on June 21st, 2020.

You can also send your own report, and can find specific details here:

Thank you for helping us take action to end these abuses.

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