ACTION: Support July 31st’s World Day Against Electronic Torture aka CyberTorture aka Psycho Porn

July 31st is seen as World Day Against Electronic Torture. As it happens, it won’t take much for all of us to do a little something, rather than waiting for a whole lot of nothing.

We can deal with this recurrent issue:  whenever CONUS torture occurs, the public wonders why it happened, conclude it is improbable, and then turn away.

To address this, me and a TLC volunteer made a flyer, downloadable below.  We featured Bald Eagles to show one simple reason why this happens:

     Because these sadistic tortures are broadcast in Asia and elsewhere, as psycho porn

So that can explain a lot: Real tragedy, on TV.

The United Nations Expert on Torture and Professor of International Law, Mr. Nils Melzer, has proceeded to investigate the matter and confirms this issue.  He refers to it as “on demand” TV for “voyeuristic clients.” 

We have pored through these reports to bring you the relevant citation, right here:

nils melzer UN report tv network psycho porn - Copy

It’s simple:  Just as there is an audience for Dexter and Punked, there is one for real abuse.  Some sick people are in the throes of shock addiction, and they will pay good money to satisfy it.  I hope you will join me in condemning these practices.

If you want Mr. Melzer’s full report confirming this issue, it’s here.  Other copies can be had elsewhere at the UN.Org website.

The flyer we made is below.  It has QR codes linking to a related news story on the Guardian, another QR which goes to the UN Rapporteur’s earlier report, and another QR link that goes to the website.

Please share by print, leaflet, or public posting.  Or just use twitter, facebook, email, etc: the image and art are copyright free.  Enclosed please also find other flyers from other activists in the event, so you can chose one or rotate them if you like.




We appreciate your reading through this work, which is done on a shoestring budget.  We continue working to expose perpetrators who get caught, and helping restore people affected by these abuses.  If you would like this work to continue, please encourage us with any sized donation at

Thank You.