Ongoing Project: Estate Planning, Non-Consensual Experimentation

Some time ago the community showed interest in estate planning. Today I received texts reminding me this project should get underway, so here we are, doing it. We are going to help people understand the terminology, and some potential options – but not only for planning.

We see this as a way to take stock or inventory of where people are at this time, so they can plan to thrive as well. And maybe even preclude some non-consensual experimentation.

A. I am putting up a sample will: the official California State template will, codified under California Probate Code Section 6240. This is just one way that a will can look like, but it is the start of a dialogue.

B. I am enclosing a sample Advanced Directive/Planning Document from the 5 Wishes Nonprofit. This is a planning document for making choices concerning care and other planning issues. Again, a start to the discussion, and it will get peple to start thinking on the issues.

C. I am including an article describing what an Advanced Psychiatric Directive is. Advanced Psychiatric Directives (APD) may work for people who are not interested in being subject to psychotropic medications, brain surgery, psychological experiments, or deep brain stimulation, and their analogues. These sometimes include disabling treatments, which many people are not interested in receiving.

APDs are a very interesting angle. They come into play when people claim the ability to make decisions for others – lack of consciousness, dependencies, or, alleged impaired decision making. APDs may also address some non-consensual experimentation – where technologies or experiments may be precluded by addressing a little known issue called ‘implied consent.’

D. Here is an insightful article on APDs from a related nonprofit. Few people understand they might preclude some of the more questionable technologies or experiements from occurring with a type of APD. And we intend to make this happen.

Sample documents to start this work:

-California Statutory Will, which is a template for use in California.

-A Sample from the 5 Wishes Foundation, which deals with advanced decisions.

-Article on APDs, published by the American Bar Association.

-Article on APDs by a nonprofit

Have a look, send ideas and suggestions and offer some expertise to volunteer on this project. Thanks!


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