About Ray Schumann

Ray Schumann is the founder of The Legal Coop.

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So, are you with us ?

Here is more background:

Can a person become a lawyer, without a high school diploma ?

Ray did. In so doing he first attended community college – there, in between marching barefoot for the homeless, working full time, and a full time classload, he found time to advocate for responsible governance as the sole student trustee of that school.

Why advocate ? Well, besides the fact that professors were in a strike and picketing around the college ? That got the student’s attention. Ray did a little research and discovered where the money was going. He used his position on the Board, and introduced an official statement that rocked a few heads. Needless to say he received a couple of threats as a result. People will be people. But, when it was said and done, the strike was resolved, the picket line was stowed, and the very President of the college wrote about Ray, and praised his advocacy.

Onwards to a University setting, where Ray pursued research and writing on corporate sponsored coups and human rights abuses in Latin America – a boat rocker for sure – and also worked in the Juvenile Justice System in Washington D.C. – authoring their procedures manual and writing an Honor’s Thesis on the issues as well – with that work attaining merits and distinction.

Then to law school, where Ray continued researching and writing, also amassing work experience: two Judicial Externships, and then, legal writing and research for the American Civil Liberties Union.

Ray Schumann was admitted to the California Bar in 1999. He has been a member of the California State Bar since that time. Ray’s work experience includes litigation, and sometimes just rescuing cases that other lawyers were throwing away. In suing cities and regional powerhouses he pursued individual right enforcement: obtaining relief for individual, corporate, and municipal crimes and wrongdoing.

Presently, Ray proposes to put his experience and skills to work restoring justice.

Why ?

When was the last civil rights era ? Too long ago.

And, do you get the feeling that we are not exactly headed for a revival and upsurge of freedom and justice ? Doesn’t look like it.

It is a foregone conclusion that corruption and wrongdoing continue, as they always have. The injustice, sins, and wrongdoing of our past do not disappear when we bury their perpetrators. No, new times merely bring new schemes, new perpetrators, and new victims. New technologies usher new means of wrongdoing. Yet, too few go into public interest law, and many of our code sections are hopelessly obsolete. Amidst the complexity, most people are unrepresented even in family court – and even California has sported 8,000 income-qualified individuals for every available legal aid attorney.

Ray proposes to start a Law Firm as a Cooperative effort – akin to the NAACP – which is a sorely needed and fairly unique approach. With Access to Justice, harassment, mobbing, and discrimination as focal points, the Coop will addres the needs of its members.

Know of an injustice needing attention ? Bring effort and resources to the Coop, raise community awareness of the issue, and watch the Coop spring to life on it. We will have a fact finding component, to include observers, FOIA, and Sunshine Law action. We will have an education component, helping people organize their cases for maximum effectiveness. And we will have impact and test litigation components, for those issues that urgently need to be addressed.

The Legal Coop : Safeguarding our rights from New schemes, and New Millenium challenges, thereby protecting the rights that protect us all.