The First Steps

“Those who won our independence valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.”

— Justice Louis Brandeis, Whitney v. California,
U.S. Supreme Court

Courage to stand for a oneself, or for another: That is the first requirement.

Our freedom will not defend itself nor will a code section, of which there are many, rise by itself and prevent injustice. It takes people – combining their efforts and their strenghts – and it takes similarly situated people relating to a common plight and achieving justice together.

This blog is about that process: bringing people together to achieve justice.

New Live PODCAST Available: Pending Nonconsensual Implants / Microchips Case

Ray Schumann appeared on a PODCAST on Ella F. Mr. Schumann presented information on a pending non-consensual Implants / Microchips Case. This second podcast on this case was published on November 18, 2020.

The facts were discussed at length, a roundup of some useful evidence ensued. As a standard precaution, it must be stated that the matter is currently in litigation, so the Court will make the final decision. This information is provided as a means to warn the public of the serious threat which these devices pose to public safety.

A recording of the PODCAST can be played below.

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New Live PODCAST Available: Ongoing Non-Consensual Implant / Microchip Case

Ray Schumann appeared on a PODCAST on PACTS International, featuring an ongoing non-consensual Implants Case. The Plaintiff also appeared. The podcast took place on November 7, 2020.

This informative session featured a lively discussion of the overall facts of the case, and a potential method of presenting such evidence in the future. The matter is currently being litigated so the Court will make the final decision. This information is provided as a means to warn the public of the serious threat which these devices pose to public safety.

A recording of the PODCAST can be played below.

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Battle in Court Against Unconsented Implants

The Legal Coop is at work right now, fighting against the illegal misuse and hacking of medical implants and microchips.

Due the current state of minituarization and nanotechnology there are advanced medical devices posing a real threat to our rights, our privacy, and our wellbeing, even when consensually implanted. And they can also be pilfered from medical suppliers, hacked, and non-consensually implanted.

These misused devices are then used to gather information, steal, and make people suffer. They are so minute they are not only implantable, but also ingestible, and even injectable. For example, the above XRAY shows a decades old, RFID type device, whereas newer devices are so small they appear as ‘dust’ to the naked eye.

A recent case involves a retired school teacher. She alleges going in for scar removal, and unbeknownst to her, coming out with a non-consensual implant in her forehead. The device sickened her, but she was able to have it surgically removed, and lab tested.

There is tremendous potential to improve our caselaw as a result of this case. Many of the issues surrounding implants are first impression matters, creating opportunities for the Courts to update their awareness and correct injustice.

The Plaintiff has created an informative campaign on GoFundMe. Two MDs have seen and corroborated evidence.

Recall these are Plaintiff’s allegations and the issue is being litigated before a Court. The Court will make the decision. We provide this information as a warning to those in the know, concerning a substantial danger of harm to the public interest.

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Any donation over $99 will receive a gift of a document containing a review of the Plaintiff’s pleadings, related statutes, and additional caselaw useful in these matters.

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Another Two-Lawyer Live PODCAST Available

Ray Schumann appeared on a PODCAST with Ella F. The podcast was posted by Ella F. on September 25, 2020. This video was recorded weeks earlier.

Two Lawyers and our Host, addressing current topics, answering questions, and helping harassed individuals. In addition: services rendered, results, and a new class of services were discussed.

A recording of the PODCAST can be played below.

Two Lawyers answering questions and helping to inform harassed and stalked individuals.

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New, THREE-Lawyer Live Video Interview Available

Ray Schumann appeared on a Live Video Interview for PACTS International. The Video was produced and posted on August 28, 2020.

This was another notch up, way up. Instead of One Lawyer working on your Podcasts, we had recently broken that barrier to feature Two Lawyers, on Video. Here there was Three Lawyers, addressing the topic, and helping people understand these issues. Very, and I mean very exciting development.

This discussion was an informative roundtable which addressed Class Action Lawsuits.

A recording of the interview can be played below.

Another Unprecedented Upgrade: Three Lawyers on an Interview for these Issues.

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New, Two-Lawyer Live Video Interview Available

Ray Schumann appeared on a Video Interview with Ramola D. The podcast was posted by Ramola D. on August 7, 2020.

This was a change for the community. Instead of One Lawyer answering questions on your Podcasts, here there was TWO Lawyers, addressing the topic, and helping the community. Very exciting development, brought to you by The Legal Coop.

Services rendered to the community were discussed, including multiple dialogues and resulting letters of support provided to our donors.

A recording of the PODCAST can be played below.

Not One but Two Attorneys on a Live Video Interview to Answer Questions and Offer Insight

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Meet the Risks of the New Internet of Bodies – Including Implants – According to RAND

Of the many things that could have killed him, Dick Cheney never anticipated one grave threat – from a tiny object, next to his heart.

It was something intended to heal – oddly – that maybe harbored the greatest threat: A tiny pacemaker, but more specifically, the pacemaker’s convenient wireless capability.

At that time no one had considered the risks: the pacemaker could be hacked, and a vice president killed by the distant wireless transmission of a few lines of code.

The risk was discovered, and the implant was surgically removed in 2007 – then replaced with a non-wireless model – but the risks and misuses of implants remained.

It is the current explosion of wireless medical device technology – called the Internet of Bodies by RAND – which finally highlights the risks for the rest of us.

Can you spot which of the above devices could be used to violate your privacy, surveil, harass, or even injure you ?

Three generations of IoB are identified, body external, body internal, and body melded. After reading the Cheney example, one readily visualizes the misuse and abuse of the entire range of IoB. As it turns out, people have complained of these abuses for years, but few people would listen.

The Legal Coop is addressing multiple case matters involving misused medical implants and IoB components. Lack of awareness had simply enabled new forms of revenge, manipulation, and crime; with the culprits likely to escape responsibility.

Up and until now.

Ongoing Project: Estate Planning, Non-Consensual Experimentation

Some time ago the community showed interest in estate planning. Today I received texts reminding me this project should get underway, so here we are, doing it. We are going to help people understand the terminology, and some potential options – but not only for planning.

We see this as a way to take stock or inventory of where people are at this time, so they can plan to thrive as well. And maybe even preclude some non-consensual experimentation.

A. I am putting up a sample will: the official California State template will, codified under California Probate Code Section 6240. This is just one way that a will can look like, but it is the start of a dialogue.

B. I am enclosing a sample Advanced Directive/Planning Document from the 5 Wishes Nonprofit. This is a planning document for making choices concerning care and other planning issues. Again, a start to the discussion, and it will get peple to start thinking on the issues.

C. I am including an article describing what an Advanced Psychiatric Directive is. Advanced Psychiatric Directives (APD) may work for people who are not interested in being subject to psychotropic medications, brain surgery, psychological experiments, or deep brain stimulation, and their analogues. These sometimes include disabling treatments, which many people are not interested in receiving.

APDs are a very interesting angle. They come into play when people claim the ability to make decisions for others – lack of consciousness, dependencies, or, alleged impaired decision making. APDs may also address some non-consensual experimentation – where technologies or experiments may be precluded by addressing a little known issue called ‘implied consent.’

D. Here is an insightful article on APDs from a related nonprofit. Few people understand they might preclude some of the more questionable technologies or experiements from occurring with a type of APD. And we intend to make this happen.

Sample documents to start this work:

-California Statutory Will, which is a template for use in California.

-A Sample from the 5 Wishes Foundation, which deals with advanced decisions.

-Article on APDs, published by the American Bar Association.

-Article on APDs by a nonprofit

Have a look, send ideas and suggestions and offer some expertise to volunteer on this project. Thanks!


ACTION: Support July 31st’s World Day Against Electronic Torture aka CyberTorture aka Psycho Porn

July 31st is seen as World Day Against Electronic Torture. As it happens, it won’t take much for all of us to do a little something, rather than waiting for a whole lot of nothing.

We can deal with this recurrent issue:  whenever CONUS torture occurs, the public wonders why it happened, conclude it is improbable, and then turn away.

To address this, me and a TLC volunteer made a flyer, downloadable below.  We featured Bald Eagles to show one simple reason why this happens:

     Because these sadistic tortures are broadcast in Asia and elsewhere, as psycho porn

So that can explain a lot: Real tragedy, on TV.

The United Nations Expert on Torture and Professor of International Law, Mr. Nils Melzer, has proceeded to investigate the matter and confirms this issue.  He refers to it as “on demand” TV for “voyeuristic clients.” 

We have pored through these reports to bring you the relevant citation, right here:

nils melzer UN report tv network psycho porn - Copy

It’s simple:  Just as there is an audience for Dexter and Punked, there is one for real abuse.  Some sick people are in the throes of shock addiction, and they will pay good money to satisfy it.  I hope you will join me in condemning these practices.

If you want Mr. Melzer’s full report confirming this issue, it’s here.  Other copies can be had elsewhere at the UN.Org website.

The flyer we made is below.  It has QR codes linking to a related news story on the Guardian, another QR which goes to the UN Rapporteur’s earlier report, and another QR link that goes to the website.

Please share by print, leaflet, or public posting.  Or just use twitter, facebook, email, etc: the image and art are copyright free.  Enclosed please also find other flyers from other activists in the event, so you can chose one or rotate them if you like.




We appreciate your reading through this work, which is done on a shoestring budget.  We continue working to expose perpetrators who get caught, and helping restore people affected by these abuses.  If you would like this work to continue, please encourage us with any sized donation at

Thank You.

There is No Targeting. Well, except that Targeting

People have long suspected they can be targeted for long term law enforcement attention.  Such practices are of course usually denied, and the debate has raged on.  One presumed vehicle has been umbrella Watchlists, those national scope devices which are all the rage lately, but any agency worth its salt would have a database of its own – or so the culture goes – which means there is a good chance any given Agency not only targets people, but makes long term plans based on such targets.

One problem with oversight of these systems has been the environment in which they thrive.  Targeting seems to ride upon the information provided by Confidential Reliable Informants, or Confidential Human Sources, who wield secret identities, and whose records are hidden.  CRIs and CHSs then become the secret gatekeepers for who should be treated to a life of suspicion.

What we have found in studying this matter, and as this U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Brief makes clear, is that such a life of suspicion is a very difficult life.  The question then becomes what part of our constitution allows such treatment and punishment without Due Process.  Our research here shows there is no way to square our Consititution with how current watchlists are implemented.

Another facet is the prevailing mentality surrouding Confidential Sources:  The mentality  is that ‘it takes one to know one,’ so it takes a criminal to know a criminal.  Now we know that CRIs and CHSs are comprised largely of experienced and well known criminals, and that this is how criminals get to dictate whose life will be effectively destroyed.

Up to now it has been difficult to obtain evidence of Agency targeting, but one of our most recent cases yielded that note above, plainly admitting that our client has been targeted, and by whom.  We are bringing that document here so you can see what targeting looks like, first-hand, right here:


So there it is, a government document saying someone is an Active Target of a certain Agency, in black and white.  And there is the reference to the ‘Confidential Reliable Informant,’ as one expects with these systems.

There is more that was found from the records search on this client, suffice it to say we will be discussing this case as soon as we are able.  For now rest assured, we are working to show unwarranted targeting exists, how it is damaging people, and how it should be stopped.

If you like our work please encourage us with a small donation of $5 to $10 at

It’s the price of a magazine or newspaper that might have left you drained and sleepy at the end, with no change and no real information in sight.  We are doing it different, making positive change happen because we believe in the community and what it can achieve together.  Thanks.