The First Steps

“Those who won our independence valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.”

— Justice Louis Brandeis, Whitney v. California,
U.S. Supreme Court

Courage to stand for a oneself, or for another: That is the first requirement.

Our freedom will not defend itself nor will a code section, of which there are many, rise by itself and prevent injustice. It takes people – combining their efforts and their strenghts – and it takes similarly situated people relating to a common plight and achieving justice together.

This blog is about that process: bringing people together to achieve justice.

Below are our updates and some samples of our work. To navigate, you can click on the titles to get the full article, and hold the shift key while clicking on them to open them in a new tab. The content goes back to 2019, so keep scrolling down on the page. We bring you many many useful resources and much information you can actually use.

Free Litigation Library: Plaintiff’s Opposition to Motion to Dismiss, Texas Non-Consensual Implant / Biochip / Microchip Case

This an Opposition to a Motion to Dismiss was earlier filed in a Texas Judicial District Court, advocating for a survivor of Non-consensual implantation.

The case features a retired Texas Schoolteacher who was implanted without her knowledge or consent. In this particular case we have not, as of this writing, been admitted to practice law. Instead, we work alongside Plaintiff in researching, organizing proof, and helping her write her pleadings and motions.

This pleading arose in Opposition to Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss. Their motion was based on procedural grounds, arguing that Plaintiff should have sued on an implantation many years ago – even before she knew about it. If their motion is allowed to prevail, the case would then be dissmised and no justice will be had.

We are fighting this dissmisal, tooth and nail. Our Opposition makes clear that modern implants are extraordinarily small and difficult to detect. Such modern implants can be completely concealed inside of injections, unwittingly ingested like a drug, or even inhaled.

Each implantation is best treated as a separate tort, which may remain undiscovered for years. The Plaintiff should then be allowed to sue upon each device as it is discovered. We argue that Plaintiffs can only sue after they are reasonably expected to know of the implantation, and the identity of the perpetrator.

The Motion to Dismiss was unfortunately granted, but we did not stop there. An Appeal was filed on the case.

Jurisdiction for the Appeal was then questioned by the Appellate Court. We responded by assisting the Plaintiff in recently writing an appellate Jurisdictional Brief, available here. That Brief gained the concurrence from Defendants’ counsel, easing the way towards the Appeal.

We are waiting the go ahead from the Appellate court at this time, so this matter may be heard on the merits. .

The PDF of the Opposition to the Motion to Dismiss can be downloaded below:

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Free Litigation Library: Points and Authorities Against Stalking and Harassment

This Points and Authorities Memo was filed in a California Superior Court, advocating for a survivor of long term Stalking and Harassment: A svelte 60 year old female retiree, repeatedly harassed by a 300lb man.

The Memorandum explores alternative grounds for obtaining a Restraining Order for Harassment, in this case under California Civil Procedure Code Section 527.6. This includes exploring what constitutes actionable harassment, what amounts to a ‘course and pattern’ of conduct, and the legal definition of a ‘credible’ threat of violence.

This resulted in a two-year restraining Order, as seen here.

The Memorandum of Points and Authorities can be downloaded below.

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Free Litigation Library: Appellate Jurisdiction Brief, Texas Non-Consensual Implant / Biochip / Microchip Case

A legal brief was written and filed with an Appellate Court, to help establish appellate jurisdiction for an on going non-consensual implantation case.

The Brief addressed Appellate Jurisdiction rules. The focus is on limited jurisdiction, interlocutory appeals, and finality of judgment; using Texas law.

The Brief is available for download below.

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CASE RESULT: Legal Brief Co-Written to Open Appellate Jurisdiction in Texas Non-consensual Implant Case

The Legal Coop is currently assisting in a non-consensual implant case. There, a retired Texas schoolteacher is fighting tooth and nail to right an injustice.

Her allegations describe a non-consensual implantation into her face, while she underwent a scar removal procedure. Suspicions arose when visible signs of rejection surrounded the area of the procedure. This prompted medical consultation, surgical removal, and laboratory analysis: Each of these procedures confirmed the presence of a foreign body inside of her, further discussed in this video.

Plaintiff valiantly battled the case on her own, but eventually suffered a dismissal – the fate of too many of these pro se cases dealing with emergent technologies. Some of the legal difficulties are explored here.

The Legal Coop heard of the struggle, and recently began helping fight the dismissal, to get these important issues heard on the merits. We initially helped the Plaintiff establish a funding drive to meet her costs, and also established a project of distributed legal research into implants law, to get people learning about and helping each other in these types of cases.

Our latest result is helping Plaintiff write a legal brief concerning Appellate jurisdiction.
Appellate jurisdiction can be an arcane subject, and very difficult for non-lawyers to address. The basic premise is that Jurisdiction is limited, and filing an appeal does not ensure it will actually be heard.

In this important case, the Court also issued an additional request for an appellate brief on jurisdiction itself, giving rise to a strong possibility that the Appeal would not be heard.

Not being licensed in Texas we are already seeking admission to work on this case as Plaintiff’s counsel. In the meantime we helped the Plaintiff by researching and editing a legal brief to obtain Jurisdiction in the case, and attempt to reverse the Dismissal.

The brief addressed the jurisdictional hurdle and, as of yesterday, gained the written concurrence of opposing counsel. This work increases the chances that the issues in this case will actually be heard.

Be advised that this case is currently in litigation, so the Court and jury will decide.

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BREAKTHROUGH: The Christmas Griefer, Now Criminally Charged by the State of California

Some said it couldn’t be done. That so and so was too connected, or that the Courts were not capable. Well, think again:

A California District Attorney has filed a criminal charge against the Perpetrator in one of the most serious cases of stalking we have worked on.

Why is this a Breakthrough ? Because this is a resourceful and intimidating perp, who actually claimed the police told him what to do!

The perp is confident. A large, heavy-set and rather scary guy; maybe 300lbs. Prior conviction for criminal violence. Our client ? She is a retiree of 60 years of age, a very nice lady who is maybe 130lbs, with no criminal record.

So how did he manage to terrorize her and land her behind bars ?

Read on.

She didn’t know him, he was just a neighbor. But the perp somehow latched on. There are several potential causes but I would rather stick with what can be proven, and what can be proven is that he pursued our client without regard for law or conscience. He used other people in the neighborhood, who helped terrorized the client with a persistent, even sexualized campaign of stalking and harassment. How?

They started by glaring at her as if they knew her, while belittling and mocking her. They threw things against the walls of her house, and into the garden. They stood inches away from our client’s window, speaking of raping her and of a “horrible death.” for her. They egged an aggressive leashless pitbull to charge at her fence, when she needed to leave for an errand. And much more.

But let’s backtrack for a second. How did we become involved ?

We found out in December 2019. Ray Schumann went to a support meeting at a coffee shop, and she was one of the people that shared their story. By then, she was heading downhill fast: Based on sheer lies she was criminally charged at the perps behest, and her own lawyers were turning away from her in court. She also had no money, and her confidence in the system was waning fast.

We asked her to start documenting everything with video. Meanwhile we began our work in the background.

It turns out the perp was menacing, and brazen. He was absolutely confident in his impunity. At the same time, our client had developed a renewed sense confidence, she knew she had some backup. That’s how the Perp was documented on video, repeately sexually harassing our client with threats of rape, and subtly coming up to her window to accost her with talk of her “dying a horrible death.” He seemed to delight in provoking her. He tossed feces and other matters into our clients yard. He was caught peeping through our client’s kitchen window, taking pictures of her through the bugscreen.

He claimed he was absolutely intimidated by and trying to stay away from our client – but he was documented in close proximity and glaring at our client through her windows, without any legitimate reason. Like this:

He was documented brazenly stopping his vehicle in the middle of the street to scream at her for no apparent reason – ‘DO YOU WANT TO SUFFER?! DO YOU?!?!’ It was more of a promise than a question. Submit, or get out, or more suffering. He felt empowered to make that threat.

His tactics turned for the subtle. He began printing and showing flyers questioning her sanity in the neighborhood. This caused neighbors to look at her askew. Was she, really ? Better not ask. He falsely accused her of violence that never occurred – a fake ‘aggravated assault’ – another a total fabrication. Our svelte 60 year old female is like anybody else: She might be provoked ito yelling. But she had never touched him, was never any threat to him. But the allegation alarmed people as well, and falsely sullied our already downtrodden client.

He escalated his lies, and began manipulating the Justice System – causing the Court to issue a Temporary Restraining Order against our client based on sheer lies. He then went on lying, now to the Police, and making a false police report: All because she was out watering her lawn, musing on the incredible course of events. This got a police squad to arrive, and they proceeded right to her tp arrest, and then, criminally charge her. At this point we still had not met her, so she was unsure of what to do. She wondered how a simple lies could land someone in jail ?

Then someone at the Court did something that made things worse : she was ordered out of her home during the 2019 Holidays.

Not to be undone, the Perp also began building a wall of tarp, 12 feet high, blocking the sun and the air from our client’s home. A sort of cage, a cell, to keep his obsession in the dark.

The Cage

We had been working on documentating his activities, working on legal strategy, and organizing and submitting facts.

It was at this point that we got the Court to realize they’d been had.

We directly engaged the substance of the 100 yard stay away order Order, as illegal, so the home exclusion order was terminated. She was able to regain her breath in her own home.

A few more court appearances after that, we kept the pressure on with findings of fact, such as the fact that we discovered his having done the same thing to his prior female neighbor. This caused his bogus criminal charges against our client to get dismissed.

The Perp’s fake Restraining order was challenged factually, so that his request for a permanent restraining order was properly denied by a now concerned Court. Truth was rushing in, people were figuring what he had done.

Justice loomed, momentum built: Our Client was then granted a Temporary Restraining Order against the Perp.

The Perp could see the web of lies unraveling. Still he was violent and brazen : He threatened to shoot process servers who began arriving to serve paperwork on our developing case.

We weren’t stopping. We proceeded ahead, arguing and obtaining a Two Year restraining order Against the Perp.

Immediately after the ruling was read, the brazen and intimidating Perp thundered at the Judge in open Court – still somewhat confident of his ploy – that the Judge had solved “nothing” by her ruling. He would later seemed to adjust his tack but not in substance, as he again threatened the Client by telling her that well, “we’re not playin in the courts no more.” He implied he was working on another way to attempt to victimize her. Our Client brazenly recorded as much of these exchanges as possible.

As dismissive of the Court as the Perp was, he did not grasp the effect of being named on a restraining order. It can spell the end of a brazen griefer’s career. That’s because that little restraining order shows up on any responding squad car’s computer – on every related police call : Now the Police know who is who. One perps credibility, right where it belongs.

Now for the consequence of his actions, as just Today, the Perp has been criminally Charged with violating that same Two-Year Restraining Order.

Perps be forewarned, if you make others suffer, it’s going to cost you.

One can hope for peace in that neighborhood, and I have repeatedly advocated for a return to civility. Unfortunately, some people have been unwilling to stop harassing people. Maybe this helps others understand, and maybe there is one less perp to deal with. The Legal Coop has put in its part, and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve and help this client out of darkness.

We are thankful for the opportunity to serve this client and provide this win for people in need. We did so for no money, traveling across counties to get to court and support her. Her willingness to work in performing the tasks we need done, her honesty, and her positivity moved us.

Can you help us keep the lights on over here, so we can continue our work and reach out to help more people ? Maybe just a little tip of the hat. That is how we come to know about you, and it’s easy to support people we know support us. Put it another way, if we are not supported, how can we exist ? Without your show of support, we can’t.

How about this, get us just enough to buy a decent cup of coffee, every month, a little something to take with us, when we head back to Court on this Case. Because we are going back. You got it, there is a lot more to come on this case.

Thank you.

Introduction to Bonus Material on Law and Pleadings in Non-Consensual Implant Cases

This Material was promised to $99 and above donors for Barbara Lindsey’s current Court Case and struggle against nonconsensual implantation, and it is delivered below as a password protected post. The case features a high tech implant chip, at times referred to as a microchip, or biochip.

The password protected post is a briefing on existing caselaw, policy, and pointers on pleading some of these cases in Court.

Why does this work matter ? For too long cases with these facts have been summarily and unjustly dismissed.

This recurs as a combination of a strong product and research lobby, an arcane topic shooing away lawyers and jurists, and legislative inaction also engendering insensitivity in the bench, and bar. Pro se litigants are left to fight for principle, alone. The resulting are vigorous but unenlightened cries of “fanciful!” supporting dismissal, but these are mostly a result of lack of skill, than lack of merit.

When cases do go forward, compensatory damages are cut-off, or ‘capped,’ in the colorful language of the industry. Heightened evidentiary hurdles erected, and small windows to sue imposed; all the more strangling plaintiffs who are already injured. Salutary protections for our healers have no place in cases of intentional acts of deception; not where a person’s physical inner sanctum is violated, not to shelter a few rogues lurking among those we trust to heal.

This work is intended to enlighten and assist survivors of these abuses. While these cases are currently shoe-horned into medical malpractice, battery is a slightly better cause. Instead of slashing compensatory damages, punitive damages should be the norm. Any semblance of Justice would reject draconian time limits and ill applied status of repose, opting for heightened discovery rules, protecting essential access to our courts. Each and all are oddities in battery cases to be sure, but then a poisoning is also seen as a battery, and likewise hard to discover.

Fair courts need better tools to deal with prevailing subtletlies. Reading these opinions is to witnesss lower Courts painfully struggling with the apparent rule, which appellate courts then scramble themselves to fix: adjusting old precedent to justly address 21st Century realities. Legally, these actions resemble slow poisonings. Yet they simultaneously inflict the notorious harms of an open battery, usually in a setting of trust. In between these towering veils to justice, one can see light. The progress of a new cause of action.

A better cause of action would marshall the above realities and properly address the subtletly possible, to address these heretofore unacknowledged tools of harm. This work is intended to aid in that progress.

Why a protected post ? It is an honor system intended to support an ongoing case that could benefit all survivors of this crime, and to encourage and support The Legal Coop for engaging in this work.

We’ve all seen the droves of cases, nearly all dismissed and never appealed upon. Steering some resources and support into this cause is the only way to ensure these cases are hard fought, and eventually won. I can tell you that we are appealing this case, fighting tooth and nail to win. We need your help to make it happen.

The writing is ongoing and needs support. It will be edited and added to, with time. If someone asks you to share the links or printout of this work, please consider sharing a link to this post instead: here all can learn about and hopefully appreciate the value of supporting those that are working to help the communnity, so we can be here when we are needed.

More here:

And here:

Thank You for acting against injustice.

The Legal Coop: 2020 The Year in Review

Image Credit: Annual Report by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

What have we done this year ?

1 launch video

4 Video Interviews

6 Calls to Action

7 Reportable Case and Field work Results, Many more unpublished results

8 Audio Shows

13 Substantive Articles

Thousands of emails sent – 3 emails sent for every 4 emails received!

Thousands of Hours Poured into this Cause by one Lawyer!

Ongoing active litigation directly addressing the issues

And Much, Much more to Come !

Below is a downloadable copy of our Year in Review for 2020. All blue text is a link to more material. Cheers, and Happy Holidays

New Live Video Interview Available: Biochips, Non-Consensual Implantation, Microchips, and an Ongoing Lawsuit Bearing on these Issues

Ray Schumann appeared on a Video Interview with Ramola D. The podcast was posted by Ramola D. on December 3rd, 2020.

Learn about this battle being waged :

Very exciting development to have an ongoing lawsuit on these topics. Usually people find out about these cases after the case is lost for want of resources – this is a fight that you can play a role in right now – so come on, help us win this battle.

Join us, drop even a small donation to help this fight prevail.