Welcome to The Legal Coop

“Those who won our independence valued liberty as an end and as a means. They believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.”

Justice Louis Brandeis, Whitney v. California
U.S. Supreme Court

Are times hardly ideal – and getting less so ?

Politics are a tip of the iceberg, barely showing the conflict and strife silently roiling through our midst. A civilized, rational, and conscientious people, dragged into an abyss of brutality, repression, and fear.

Shocked or dismayed at where we’re headed ? By that very shock or dismay, you’ve become an objector, and hopefully proudly so. And your conscience will stand in the way of our sinking deeper into the mire.

Where are we headed ?

-The Culling of Free Speech


-Abuse of Power


So, to sit silenty by and pleasantly let things go downhill, with an occassional echo to people who already agree, or, muster our will to stand as citizens and to protect our rights.

That is what this website is all about: Using our Courts as a means to protect our rights and thereby safeguard our whole way of life.

And the means is a Law Firm as a Cooperative effort – akin to the NAACP, or the ACLU – but unlike those esteemed and established entities, The Legal Coop is new and unafraid – with all to gain and nothing to lose. Where every little bit of help matters.

We’ll stand with you as you voice your opinion online, or at your community gathering place.

We will focus on the inevitable victims of surging power:

-Access to justice,

Access to justice means that we will help prepare victims of injustice for their day in court.

-Free Speech,

A voice of conscience may inconvenience those who demand conformance and silence regardless of where we’re headed. Some may experience retaliation, and we will endeavor to protect those who are suffering injustice.

-Political Activity:

Your claims and representations in court are quintessential political speech – though not frequently thought of as such. Courts, unlike other powers, actually have to consider your claims. And if one level doesn’t listen to a well pled case, there is always an appeal. Look at past incivility and human rights abuses, such as racial segregation of buses for example: Browder v. Gayle is the case that ended racial segregation in buses, for one example: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Browder_v._Gayle

Time and time again you will see those figures shining through the darks times in our history: people of conscience speaking out in our courts, and judges of conscience paving the way forward on difficult issues. Little known fact that 9 months before Rosa Parks refused to yield her seat, 15 year old girl of conscience, Claudette Colvin, had already paved the way by getting arrested for doing the same thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudette_Colvin

With Access to Justice, harassment, mobbing, and discrimination as focal points, the Coop will addres the needs of its members as they stand against the many forms of pressing injustice, one little bit at time. Know of an injustice needing attention ? Even a small injustice you want to see corrected ? Secrecy keeping the lid on a particular type of corruption or abuse of power ? You bring our attention to an issue, and our combined effort and resources will spring to life on it. We will have a fact finding component, to include observers, FOIA, and Sunshine Law requests. We will have an education component, helping people organize their cases for maximum effectiveness. And we will have impact and test litigation components, for those issues that urgently need to be addressed.

The Legal Coop – yours for justice.

Disclaimer: The Legal Coop is not a Corporate Cooperative or organized under the California Corp Code § 12310.